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Home Service

Whether you are a home tutor, a plumber, or a freelance personal fitness instructor, your clients still expect a top notch customer experience. And, classified as a business owner, you understand that the customer experience is multifaceted. Having the right solution are key, while ensuring the day to day operations are managed efficiently.


Today’s small business owners rely on facility management software that helps streamline operations and reduce costs in order to help create good customer experiences. MC Payment customize solutions, integrated with payment that is designed specifically for such day to day operations. Recurring payments, instalment plans are just some of the functions that help to ensure healthy cash flows are not compromised.


MC Payment’s award winning payment processing is already built into many popular small business solutions. So, you don’t have to purchase and install additional payment software. Enjoy high-speed transactions, speedy funding, and in depth transaction reporting.
Though not exhaustive to the limitation of functions, below are some benefits that small business owners can enjoy:

  • Register and check-in members
  • Sell ticket plans
  • Print financial reports, billing and recurring statements
  • Process payments via debit cards or credit cards
  • Gift and stored value cards to drive sales
  • Send sales emails


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Multiple Options to App Support

Over the years, having been in full support to the taxi industry, MC Payment has gain immense knowledge in the industry. It is no surprise that MC Payment has become a top choice among mobile-app-based transportation network providers whose apps allow consumers to submit a trip request, among which is then routed to crowd-sourced taxi drivers. We are able to support multiple channel of payment support that suit drivers’ needs.