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Level 3 Enhanced Data Processing

Level 3 Enhanced Data Processing

When goods and services are constantly transacted in large volumes, and while this means good business, it also mean both purchasers and suppliers are subject to accounting problems and fraud risks at large. Purchasers are faced with control challenges, from inventories to invoices, while suppliers are challenged by credit and cashflow.

The First MasterCard certified Level 3
enhanced data processing solution in Asia

What is Xaavan?

Xaavan, a proprietary solution of MC Payment, is the first MasterCard certified Level 3 enhanced data processing solution in Asia.
This comprehensive payment solution brings the power of secure, web-enabled purchasing card level 3 and credit card processing to suppliers, as well as batch transaction settlement. It works well both independently and collaboratively, providing maximum flexibility resulting in tailored solutions that best meet customer needs. Its credential can be seen when it is adopted by the world’s largest consumer products company.



Benefits of Purchasers

  • Error and Fraud protection

Automation eliminates the manual process associated with the risks of human error and fraud.

  • Reduce risks

Reduce the risks associated with traditional cheque issuing and cash disbursement procedures. Situations such as improper claims, dishonesty and double invoicing can be also be eliminated.

  • Reduce account payable and associating costs

Reduce the effort and cost of maintaining a full accounts payable team which has a variable cost increment in proportion to business expansion. Paper invoice generation costs are also reduced.

  • Reduce reconciliation discrepancies

Provides Purchaser with a clean audit trail via online access, and rich data reporting with full invoice detail for each Level 3 purchasing card transaction on their monthly credit card statement.

  • Improved control

Provides complete control over payment processes, where tax regulatory requirements are all met. Easy access via internet enabled devices.

Benefits of Suppliers

  • Maximize capital return and improve cash flow

Reduce payment time from 30-60 days on an invoice to 2-3 days for electronic payment. Maintains a fluid float.

  • Reduce collection expenses

Electronic authorization and payment processing reduces your collection expenses of sending and tracking invoices and posting payments.

  • Greater Savings

MasterCard and Visa have created special rates to support Purchase Card programs by reducing the supplier’s transaction costs if Level-3 line item detail information is transmitted with the financial settlement. By providing Level-3 data, a supplier may reduce their credit card processing fees – often by 30% to 60%. Level-3 card processing helps to qualify suppliers for a lower interchange rate that will save a considerable amount on processing fees annually.